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Physocarpus Diabolo | Shrub | Garden Beauty

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Physocarpus Diabolo

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At a Glance

- Physocarpus Diabolo
- Dark purple foliage
- Pale pink/white flowers
- Hardy

Plant Information

Physocarpus Diablo, also known as Ninebark. This classic dark foliage shrub was the first dark leaved Physocarpus. With dark foliage and free flowering habit, its a perfect addition to any garden! The angular foliage is a very dark purple, almost black and provides the perfect foil for the pale pink, almost white flowers.

Physocarpus Diablo can be trimmed to shape after flowering. An extremely hardy shrub that is trouble free and will thrive from full sun to shade in most soils.


Genus: Physocarpus
Variety: Diabolo
Category: Shrub
Reference: PHYSDIAB16197

Season of Interest: Spring, Summer & Autumn
Plant Breeders Rights: EU 465 PVR applies. Propagation for resale is illegal without a license from the breeder.

Colours and sizes are approximate and are intended as a guideline and may vary according to local conditions


Physocarpus opulifolius Lady in Red (Tuilad)

Physocarpus Lady in Red, Deep red foliage, Pinkish white flowers,

Physocarpus Midnight (jonight)

Physocarpus Midnight, Very dark purple foliage, Pale pink flowers, Hardy,

Physocarpus opulifolius Darts Gold

Physocarpus Darts Gold, Bright yellow foliage, pink /white flowers,