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Climbers are versatile plants that can be used to cover a wall, clamber over a pergola or add colour to a bed spreading through other plants.  Some varieties are self clinging and others require tying and support – they are useful in a garden to add colour without using much area up.  There are some beautiful selections available and many Genus such as Trachelospernum carry a rich fragrance.

Research has also shown that growing climbers up a building can reduce heat loss in Winter and cool a building in the Summer.


Hebe Midnight Sky was raised at Lowaters Nursery as a seedling of unknown parentage and first sold in 2007. Midnight Sky has deep green leaves which are 5cm in length and in the Winter months turn a stunning deep purple almost black colour with a bright glossy sheen. The flowers are an purple-mauve colour and are produced freely as the plant matures.

Choisya White Dazzler is a flowering Evergreen Shrub. Another superb introduction from Peter Moore which forms a dense, compact hardy shrub with beautifully even branching and huge numbers of white scented flowers, spring and autumn.

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